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The Passion Behind the Club

Anwita Chaudhry

Founder and President

Hi, welcome to DesiHeart! Let me introduce myself, my name is Anwita Chaudhry. I am a passionate teenager who loves Indian culture and is committed to showcasing and celebrating it on every given opportunity. My love for Indian culture started with dancing. I have participated in several Bollywood dance performances throughout my elementary and middle school years. During this time, I won 1st place in a talent show organized by the City of Cerritos in Southern California. I was further amazed by the beauty of Indian culture after moving to Northern California. Here I had the opportunity to act in a drama as the Hindu Goddess “Sita”. After this I continued to explore the world of theater. I took Drama as my middle school elective.  I was able to choreograph and direct “Shrek the Musical'' under my teacher’s supervision. Using what I have learnt over the years about the performing arts and my passion for Indian culture,  I want to be able to create a platform of opportunities for youth like me who want to cultivate their passion and spread love for their culture throughout the community.

Ishaan Vijaywargiya

Vice President (Marketing)


Hello, my name is Ishaan Vijaywargiya. I am a 7th grader, who loves to do acting, sketching, and filmmaking. I also really love Maths. I started dancing from as little as the age of three. From there I got into live drama. After experiencing 5 years of drama, people liked my work, so I started acting in short films. I have acted in many short films, some won really big awards, and I still do both drama & acting. Now in middle school, I have gotten the opportunity to do theatre/drama. Sometimes for fun, I do filmmaking at home. I have learned a lot from experienced people when I would go on set, about things such as how to film and edit videos, but most importantly how to do marketing of your video’s so that they stand out from the market. This got me into designing, and I started to make some flyers for a few clients. And now here I am, on this wonderful platform for the youth, doing marketing for cultural events & workshops. I am really excited to go on this journey with amazing talented kids to a brighter future.


Pranav Saravanan

Vice President (Operations)

I am going to become an 8th grader. My favorite hobbies are building legos, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends.

Rishav Saravanan


Hello! I am Rishav Saravanan, I am in 8th Grade. In my past times, I enjoy baking, playing the piano, and being creative with LEGO bricks. Apart from that, I like to have fun with my twin too. I also love writing nice stories. Stop motion is another activity that I am content with doing. On my academic side, I enjoy doing mathematics and doing some messy, but fun Science Projects! I also enjoy tutoring and teaching. To understand my heritage, I participate in classes to practice and learn my language! I am glad I have a chance to participate in something community-related and am excited to learn a lot more from DesiHeart!

Divij Garg

Technical Lead

I am in 7th grade. I love to play video games. My interests are Computer programming , learning new technology  and photography. 

Gaurinandhan Umeshnath


I go by Nandhu Umeshnath. I am in 8th Grade. Some of my interests include programming, math, and reading. I like watching Hindi and Malayalam movies. My family is from Kerala.

Adithya Krishna

Event Director

I really like to swim. I also take classes for karate. I like cooking and being with my friends.

Shivani Kinare

Graphic designer/Social Media Manager

hey guys i’m shivani! I’m an upcoming sophomore and I live in nyc! I love dancing, shopping, traveling, and I watch tons of Bollywood movies!

Ira Kaur 

Co-graphic Design/Social Media officer

‘Hi! I’m Ira. I’m and 8th grader in California. I love all types of music and football. My favorite movie and tv show is The Bye Bye Man and Grey’s Anatomy. I love our culture and am excited to be a part of DesiHeart!


Arnav Singh 

Co-Technical Lead 

Hello, my name is Arnav Singh Hanspal, I am a 7th grader. I am a Brown-Belt in Karate. I love to play the guitar and listen to music. My favorite subject is science, especially Astronomy. I love learning more about celestial bodies and the hidden secrets of the Universe. I would like to play video games in my free time and make YouTube videos for my channel. I indulge in video and photo editing. I am still enhancing my skills in new technology for video editing. I also love traveling and exploring new places. I am glad to join this platform of highly energetic youth and excited to contribute for the community.

Our Ambassadors


Serena Chaudhary-Masaun

Hi! My name is Serena! I am in 8th grade, and I love to represent my culture whenever I get the chance to, and I would love to learn about other cultures too! This opportunity is really a good one because it really include everything I love and want to do! That’s all for me!

Siri Bode

Hello, I’m Siri... I’m 13 years old and beyond excited to be a cultural ambassador for DesiHeart. I am a very self assured person and love working and collaborating with others. I find embracing your culture a very prominent and vital thing to do. I find my culture very intriguing, it’s a part of me that I’m more than honored of acknowledging. I unquestionably relish spending time with others, dancing, doing science experiments and exploring new things.

Shivani Ravindra

Hi, I’m Shivani Ravindra and I’m in eight grade. In my free time I love to bake or cook. I also enjoy drawing and painting. I’m from south India and I’m very excited to be a part of the DesiHeart team.

Our Artists

Annika Pathak

I am going to 7th Grade. My hobbies include art, music, hiking, and watching TV. My favorite food is apple and my favorite anime is My Hero Academia. I take Kathak and Piano lessons.

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