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Leadership Opportunities

Being a leader involves commitment and responsibility. As a leader, it is your duty to follow through on what you start. Many types of leadership opportunities are available at DesiHeart. Individual interest areas and skills often dictate the amount of time an officer spends on a particular
responsibility. However, a good officer never forgets what the basic responsibilities are. 
The core values of DesiHeart are passion, fun, caring, confidence, leadership, teamwork, and commitment. 

Leadership Program: Welcome
Lead a two-week Speech & Debate competition

Session 1 Week 1:  Lead a preparation meeting for participants to brainstorm their ideas and plan for the speech and debate competition ahead. 

Session 2 Week 2:  The competition has arrived! You will act as the debate moderator ensuring a welcoming space for all ideas. 

Here is a special perk, you get to choose the debate topic! 

Past Speech and Debate Competitions... 

Host: Rishav Saravanan 

Speech and Debate Topic:  How should DesiHeart grow? 

winner: Samara Rahman

Host: Pranav Saravanan 

Speech and Debate Topic:  Should DesiHeart Assign team members individual assignments? 

winner: Gaurinandhan Umeshnath

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