Our Mission

To provide young minds with opportunities to build their soft and professional skill set. As well as, help them use current talents as a medium to gain leadership experience.


DesiHeart is a 501(C)(3) registered nonprofit organization that works with young students to build their personal and professional skills to help them gain success in the future.


Our Programs

 DesiHeart offers a wide variety of programs that revolve around providing the first-hand experience of applying and building soft and professional skills. We implement interest areas of our youth through our expression program. Our peer-to-peer expression model allows for leadership opportunities for those who want to demonstrate their ideas to others and extracurricular fun for those who just want to learn and explore something new. They are given an opportunity to hone in on their professional skills by being a part of our Leadership & Management team. They learn to manage tasks using time management skills and communication skills are practiced when brainstorming new ideas. We will provide them with additional guidance as a result of our upcoming mentoring program. 



Rishav, Student 

When I think of a virtual play I didn’t really know how or what it will work like. I had participated in many in-person plays. But in our meets I started to understand what it was. Doing it was very fun, and also a interesting experience to begin with. I’d highly recommend it to people who would like to try virtual acting. The play also came out very well when I saw it for the first time. I would really recommend this to anyone and hope you would have fun doing it!

VL, Parent

We did the baking session by the kids and it was really well executed. The hosts were very nice and polite and they explained the recipe very well.!!!  It was yummy. We made piña colada and banana walnut muffins.
Appreciate the efforts and good execution Definitely looking forward to more sessions like these in future... keep it up...

Bill, Teacher

Your workshop intrigued me because of the math and physics involved in making kaleidoscopes function in the beautiful way they do.  I enjoyed the way you used readily available materials and the paper towel and toilet tissue cardboard tubes. You are doing a valuable service by making these  workshops and videos available to the public.  Finding the connections between maths, science, engineering and art  fosters the kind of creativity that enhances our lives and kindles discoveries. 

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