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Expression Corner

Expression is one of the first steps to empowerment. DesiHeart offers a public platform where students can freely display their creativity without being held back by the boundaries of judgment. This corner allows students to be confident in their craft and think beyond their reach to pursue greater success in life.

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Expression Gallery

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Niraja Bhaskar
Niraja Bhaskar
Niraja Bhaskar
PC: Niraja Bhaskar
PC: Niraja Bhaskar
Niraja Bhaskar
PC: Niraja Bhaskar
Sketch by Ishaan Vijaywargiya
Sketch by Ishaan Vijaywargiya
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Virtual Play
"Krishna Janamashtmi"

During quarantine, we came together and explored a new form of creativity. Many of us thought putting on a unconventional play like this would be impossible. However, through our experience we have learned that this is far from the truth. Most of the actors had no prior experience of acting and public speaking, but Desiheart being an all inclusive outlet gave everyone an opportunity to try out something while having fun. 

What is our play about?

A NRI family celebrates Janamashtmi with their grandparents in India via a video call, they end up learning more about Krishna and even enjoy watching two stories that depict Krishna's leelas.

Special Thanks to ...

Director: Anwita Chaudhry

Grandma: Annika Pathak
Grandpa: Gaurinandhan Umeshnath
Mom: Rithvika Nagaraj
Dad: Pranav Saravanan

 Avanika (kid1): Avanika Krishna
  Ariana (Kid2): Ariana Tikoo

Lord Krishna and Sudama

This is the first video that the family watched together :)

Special Thanks to ...

Director: Anwita Chaudhry 

Lord Krishna: Aditya Krishna
Devi Rukmani ( Krishna’s Wife): Ariana Tikoo
Sudama: Rushil Praket
Niyati ( Sudama’s Wife): Aswathy Krishna
Guard: Pranav Singhal
Narrator: Rishav Saravanan
Moral of the story: Aswathy Krishna

Lord Krishna and fruitseller 

This is the second video that the family watched together :)

Special Thanks to... 

Director: Divij Garg

Fruit Seller: Ashwika Tanwar 

lord Krishna: Avni Garg

Narrator: Divij Garg

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