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To provide young minds with opportunities to build their soft and professional skill set. As well as, help them use current talents as a medium to gain leadership experience.


To enable young students to use the experience, soft and professional skills cultivated at Desiheart to achieve higher success in life, in both personal and professional areas. 


At DesiHeart we believe core values are necessary to accomplish goals, that’s why we go above and beyond to uphold our company culture. Passion, honesty, compassion, leadership, teamwork, and commitment include some of our corporate values. We go out of our way to make sure our youth have a wide range of opportunities to display these core values to their fullest potential. 

A more in-depth look at some of the skills DesiHeart helps other students learn: 

First of all, what is Entrepreneurship?:

Whether you plan on taking up business as a career plan, or anything else, entrepreneurship is a crucial attitude that is required. Entrepreneurship is setting up a business, and taking risks for it. The companies you will work at in the future, want people that are making a change or a difference. They want people that can innovate new ideas, and spark creativity with positive changes. They want you to come up with beneficial, helpful ideas. DesiHeart allows you to try to practice the skill of expressing new ideas. Test out innovative ideas that resonate with you, by hosting expression workshops. It's a great opportunity to have a one-on-one brainstorming session with a peer (online), and a live audience to teach/share your new idea. 


Another crucial role, Communication Skills:

We've all heard of this skill very often, and it is also very significant to you're future too. Note that no matter how many other skills you master, without communication, they can be of no use. Communication skills effectively broadcast your talents and other skills. When you communicate effectively with your team, you can be more productive. Communication shows significant positive changes in group work and even a company's goals. DesiHeart team members practice communication on a weekly basis at our team meeting, and we would love for you to join us too! 


Self Knowledge, and Problem Solving skills:

We all may be familiar with the saying "There is No Age Limit to Learning". This saying is pretty common and is quite important. Self Knowledge is truly understanding yourself, along with your strengths, and flaws. People that understand this are able to learn and improve on their flaws. These adjustments allow you to work better, and understand your capacity. To manage a group, or to take a leadership role, you must understand the problems that you may face. This includes problems of many varieties. Such as issues between your group. Understand how you can solve this, by making compromises or introducing solutions. Problem Solving Skills are very important especially if you decide to take a leadership role. Here at DesiHeart, we will help you improve your Problem-Solving Skills by taking on a 2-week leadership term, and understanding how you should act to solve the problem.

   - Anwita Chaudhry (President) & Rishav Saravanan (Senior Vice-President) 

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