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Express Yourself  Events 

Art and culture is a wonderful means which helps bring people together. But most importantly, it has been proven that involvement in arts and cultural practices lead to a balanced intellectual, emotional and psychological development of individuals and societies. 

Arts and crafts
Holiday Workshops 
Readers Theater 


Speech and Debate 

We are so grateful to our volunteer artists for the time and creativity they share. Some artists have been volunteering with us and have helped build a strong community of DesiHeart artists.


Benefits of Hosting an Expression Workshop

- Increases self-confidence. 
- Can help you learn new skills.
- Connects you to others in the community.
- Can advance your career.
- Increases your communication, leadership, and time management skills.

 Past Expression Workshops

Take a Look

Sketching Workshop 

A well-planned and exquisitely hosted by young and talented Ishaan Vijaywargiya. Thank you Ishaan for a step by step detailed workshop.  Thank you to everyone who attended DesiHeart’s sketching workshop! 

Back to school Baking workshop

Yummy and Delicious Banana Bread and Piña Colada!! By Rishav and Pranav, our excellent chefs. Thank you Rishav and Pranav for step by step instructions and interactive virtual experience. Thank you everyone who attended.

Virtual short play - Krishna Janamashtmi

A short play titled "Krishna Janamashtmi" to depict the significance of this festival as well as some of the miracles (Leelas) done by lord Krishna. What is Krishna Janamashtmi? This is a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. It's celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm.

Rakhi Virtual workshop

Art is a best form of expression to showcase any kind of feelings, love or even a mood of a person. As the festival of Raksha Bandhan is at the door step, we will have a special workshop where we will put effort for our loved one's and make Rakhi's (Wrist Bands).

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