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Dear Bullies:

You can’t put me in a box

Or trap me with your words.

You can’t squash me or squeeze me

To fit your idea of the world.

You can try to define me

With your useless stereotypes.

But I’ll still find a loophole

And rise above your cries.

And just like me, other people

Can never be just one thing.

We are multifaceted diamonds

With grit, and guts, and bling.

We will rise above the thunderclouds

And stand strong against the storms.

We won’t cower ‘cause of your meanness

Or submit to all your wrongs.

We are not meant to be boxed up

And sealed with mailing tape.

We have quirks, and flaws, and passions

With every color, and size, and shape.

We may not be “convenient”

And fit your limited views

But we are unique, living beings

Can you deny us that, too?

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