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By Pranav Saravanan

My family and I love celebrating Janmashtami . Janmashtami is a very special and important date in india. Janmashtami marks the day Lord Krishna (a god) was born. In India, many people celebrate Janmashtami in various ways. In tamil nadu, a country in India, people call Janmashtami Gokulashtami. In tamil nadu, the streets would be populated with people!

These are the steps people in Tamil Nadu do to celebrate Janmashtami:

1. First they clean their home and get ready to celebrate

2.Then they buy the necessary items for the pooja

3.Then they prepare the presadam

4. Then they add decorations (ex.Religious drawing on the front of their porch)

5. Call relatives over

In my family, we usually make delicious delicacies, and wear indian clothes. My mother usually draws religious drawings on our front porch. My dad adds all the decorations on the wall. Then we all usually start talking on the phone to our family members. 

Janmashtami is a very important event to the hindu culture. It's a day filled with enjoyment and prosperity! Janmashtami will always be an important day to all of India.

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