Where I’m From (By Anwita Chaudhry)

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I’m from family trips to the motherland.

I’m from the coconut water my Nanaji (Grandfather) and I would drink after a morning walk.

I’m from the temple my Naniji (Grandmother) would teach me how to pray in.

I’m from the hairstyles I would beg my Mosi (Aunt) to do for me.

I’m from the home cooked meals my Naniji would amaze us by.

I’m from the ludo game my Mami (Aunt) would always beat me in.

I’m from the late night Kulfi (Ice cream) runs my Mama (Uncle) would take us on.

I’m from the dance parties my cousins and I would randomly throw in the living room.

I’m from the larger than life arcades my cousins and I would play in.