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We ❤ Overcoming Challenges

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

By Anwita Chaudhry

As a performer, I strive for perfection. I tend to rehearse my lines until I get it right, or practice a dance until I get sick of the music. I expect highly of myself before a performance but when something goes wrong it can be heartbreaking. All that time and effort can go down the drain.

This has happened to me multiple times. Sometimes in the form of jewelry coming off mid-performance, bumping into another dancer, or even tripping on your own skirt. These instances can often be embarrassing and stressful. But every time something went wrong I was determined to overcome, I put on a smile and kept on going. When I look at videos of these dances now I feel proud of how I handled the situation, and how I was able to save the dance while making sure safety was my priority.

So what was the lesson learned through all these experiences?

Though it might seem cliché, when something goes wrong in life we have to keep on going and do our best because that is a victory in itself. We all make mistakes :)

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